Alberta needs an MLA who can bring innovation and experience to address the mounting challenges in both our Province and community and I believe that I am uniquely positioned to do this. I represented the residents of Calgary Mountain View from 1993 to 2004, as the Progressive Conservative (PC) MLA. When I started public service in 1993, Alberta was $22 billion in debt with deficit spending and investment crippling taxes that left many in our community unemployed.   History has repeated itself and many of the fundamental lessons that I learned back in 1993 on how to change the direction of Government are very applicable today.

As a 25+ year resident of Calgary Mountain View, I know very well that we are living in a new reality, and one that requires fresh thinking and a new approach to return Alberta to a province where people can afford to raise their families in a healthy and safe environment. I truly believe that with the right fiscal discipline and fresh ideas we can create a prosperous Alberta that will once again become the economic engine of Canada.

I’ll support Jason Kenney in creating a Government that will successfully:

• Once again prioritize managing deficit spending and debt repayment
• Incentivize business and the workforce by lowering taxes to attract
investment across all sectors to help to bring jobs back to Alberta, with the ultimate goal of once again being the economic engine of Canada
• Stand up for our resource sector by making Canadians proud of our
world class environmental and human rights standards
• Foster a community environment for our citizens that supports diversity and choice to live life freely united as Canadians


Mark Hlady, UCP Candidate – Calgary Mountain View



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